Grande Charte is the new luxury organic and sustainable Champagne House for the 21st century, crafting limited editions of fine wines available only by direct allocation.

Vision & Values

The House of Grande Charte has an ambitious and long-term vision to reach the highest levels of luxury Champagne craftsmanship.

Our values:

  • Excellence in the quality of our wine
  • An uncompromising commitment to nature through organic & biodynamic viticulture and winemaking
  • A friendly and respectful collaboration with our partners growers and winemakers
  • A direct and respectful relationship with each and every one of our clients

We have created a new authority in the world of Champagne, which offers the opportunity to those who share the same values to join a global community of passionate friends: the Grande Charte Collectors’ Club. We are convinced that our commitment to responsible luxury, excellence and sustainability plays a role in making our world a better place.

Collector's Club

The only way to enjoy Grande Charte wines is through our highly select Embassies dotted around the globe, or via the Grande Charte Private Collectors’ Club.

Our Embassies are places – gastronomic restaurants, hotels or eco-resorts – selected by Grande Charte’s founders, that reflect its philosophies of excellence and sustainability. New members may gain access to the Grande Charte Collectors’ Club via our Embassies.

Collectors’ Club Members gain access to a given number of cases of Grande Charte annually. This allows passionate wine lovers to build up a library of each collection for future enjoyment. The number of collectors is limited to 800 globally. In addition, Members have the ability to sponsor new wine lovers to apply for membership.


The pillars of Grande Charte’s sustainability ethos:

  • Grande Charte only crafts certified Organic and Biodynamic wines, thanks to the most talented and seasonned winegrowers and winemakers
  • Grande Charte is integrating Permaculture Principles into the vineyards and throughout the elaboration of its wines
  • Grande Charte bottles are made of precious and natural materials. Instead of being printed on labels, information is engraved on the bottles using an alloy of precious metals and caps are made of pure melted and moulded tin. In addition, the stoppers are made from the finest quality natural cork and hand selected upon visual inspection
  • Grande Charte applies the following waste management principles: reduce, reuse, recycle and compost